The Speed Queen
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Stewart O'nan author

Stewart O'Nan

STEWART O'NAN (Novelist). Stewart O'Nan's award-winning fiction includes THE NAMES OF THE DEAD, THE SPEED QUEEN, A WORLD AWAY, A PRAYER FOR THE DYING, EVERYDAY PEOPLE, SONGS FOR THE MISSING and LAST NIGHT AT THE LOBSTER. An adaptation of his first novel SNOW ANGELS was released as a feature film starring Kate Beckinsale in 2007. In 1996, Granta named him one of America's Best Young Novelists. He wrote THE SPEED QUEEN in 66 days while living on Route 66.

O'Nan: "It's strange for any writer to come face-to-face with one of his or her characters. In the case of Anne Stockton's Marjorie, for me it's both satisfying and frightening. I'm happy that she's captured Marjorie's innocence and insanity, but I also worry about anyone who hangs out with Marjorie too long".
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Anne Stockton as the Speed Queen
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